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Barbara Wonsley

Real life situations that we take for granted each day of living.


Dr. B AKA Charles Bolger, PhD

Known as "Dr. B",  this artist grew up loving POP, R&B, Classical and church music. So there is some influence of each in the music he writes and sing. Music has been a powerful thread throughout his life.

Germany Hill

Acoustic-style rock with strong melodies, hooks, harmonies and memorable guitar playing.

Greg Abate

Greg Abate jazz saxophonist, flutist, composer continues as an International Jazz/Recording Artist with 225 days a year touring the globe.

Lina Marquez

Folksy, Latin, distinctive, soft and fine voice

Mambo Zombies

The Chicago based group Mambo Zombies consists of 3 main players, Dez Desormeaux, Luis Prieto Rosario, & Jose Valdes, who have performed together over the past 12 years.

Paul and Friends

This is Paul and Friends’ first CD. It is an anthology of 30 yrs of recordings. Here you will find top-notch musicians from the US and Australia. It is up-beat and eclectic, featuring R&B, jazz-rock, Brazilian, acoustic country, Christian, etc.

Rob Georg

Very few would imagine a cowboy from Germany, but Rob Georg just doesn’t wear the label, he lives the lifestyle.

Si’Yir Royale

Si'Yir Royale (pronounced sigh-year) is a young multi-genre singer-songwriter from OKLAHOMA City, Oklahoma. Si'Yir is currently working in the lab with producer FYU-CHUR (pronounced future) on her 2nd album, name of album and date of release TBD. Contact info: For booking: or management 405-476-5116.